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The Decentralized Data Cloud – Cere Network

About Cere Network – The Decentralized Data Cloud on Polkadot

Cere Network forms part of the Consortium of Polkadot and Cosmos projects that fight for cross-chain interoperability (cross communications) among blockchain networks in order to provide a trustless, scalable, and decentralized global ecosystem for all businesses and consumers.

The Cere Network is a blockchain-based Customer Relation Management ecosystem based on a Decentralized Data Cloud (DDC) that offers a scalable and heterogeneous platform for data integration and collaboration.

Using this DDC, stakeholders are able to fully own, manage, and protect their data, making it the first platform that provides 100% control over the use and deployment of their data.

Through DDC, organizations are able to access contextually relevant data, insights, and predictive analytics in real-time to enhance the value stream of their business.

Cere offers direct access to first-party customer data, which is anonymized and encrypted (at the individual level) through blockchain, which is then shared with business partners and analyzed on Cere’s open and on-demand data marketplaces.

The Cere platform makes data directly accessible in near real-time to business units, partners and vendors, and to machine-learning processes. Cere’s Open Data Marketplace (ODM) enables secure and private data sharing, free from traditional vendor lock-ins used by organizations like Salesforce, Oracle and Adobe.

Cere Network is backed by the Big names!

Binance Labs, Republic Labs, Kosmos

How to Buy Cere Network Token

Cere ERC-20 Token can be Purchased on the following Crypto Exchanges: