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January 30, 2021
Colorless Studio
what we need: 
  • Internet Access
  • Any browser, computer, mobile phone or tablet
  • Website or Web Application to use Splitbee with

Splitbee.io is a popular SaaS platform for analytics and conversion optimization.
It provides you with all the tools you need to understand your site visitors, convert them into loyal customers, and make sure they'll come back again and again.

In this article we are going to sum up everything you need to know about Splitbee Analytics, why it is superiour to its competitors and how it would improve your business in no time. Simple Web Analytics for Humans.

    Splitbee.io Analytics Introduction

    splitbee.io web analytics logo

    About Splitbee.io

    splitbee.io analytics overview splitbee dashboard
    It’s public knowledge that nailing your website analytics is essential for running a successful online business in 2021. However, most of us don’t have time to sift through the massive amount of data that most Analytics Tools bombard us with. Most of it is due to a bloated UI that is not easy to work with.
    Splitbee.io helps you get rid of the noise and focus on the most important data by providing you with an easy to use interface that will help you figure out how to optimize your website to get the best results for your business.
    splitbee user path analytics
    Analytics tools on the market usually have a focus on either being privacy focused & simple or bloated but powerful. However, no tool is both powerful, privacy focused and easy to use. Splitbee stands out because it can analyze the data in many different ways and provide you with all the information you need to optimize your website for conversions.
    Splitbee helps you make the most out of your customers, by showing you how they engage with your website, which pages they are looking at, which offers they’re reading, and how they respond to your marketing.
    The first step in using Splitbee is to sign up for the generous free plan. Once you have an account you can start tracking conversion funnels from the Splitbee dashboard.
    To start simply follow the instructions in your dashboard by adding the 3kb Splitbee.js snippet to your page. You are good to go!
    Now, you can start tracking pageviews, referrers, utm parameters, funnels and even track events that occur on your Website via Splitbee Events.
    The Splitbee Dashboard includes a variety of reports & KPI’s, including funnel conversion rate, funnel abandonment rate, funnel step conversion rate, funnel step abandonment rate and a variety of events. These reports are great for identifying which steps in your funnel are causing users to drop off and which steps they are converting on, so you can optimize your conversion funnel following your Key Performance Indicators.


    Why Splitbee

    Fast in any Way possible

    Fast Dashboard, Minimal Bundle Size, Real Time Analytics or even Automations. Everything about Splitbee.io is fast & snappy. Forget loading screens and start enjoying the UX you deserve.


    Lightweight & Optimized

    Splitbee is built on a global, optimized network to ensure your site is not neglected in terms of Speed & Usability. If your site is facing speed issues, it definitely won’t be Splitbee’s fault.


    Lovely by Design

    Splitbee is made to be powerful & easy to understand. The first Analytics platform that you will enjoy using. It gives you actionable data on your KPI’s and all that, in a beautiful way.


    Splitbee Web Analytics & Conversion Optimization Plattform

    Splitbee.io Features


    Splitbee Conversion Funnels

    splitbee funnel demonstration

    Splitbee is a real-time web analytics platform that will help you make your website conversion-friendly.
    Create a free account and follow your visitors in real-time, or build conversion funnels to find out what works best for your visitors.
    Create & map multiple conversion paths and see where your customers are dropping of & why. Real, Simple Analytics that make you understand whats going on.
    Splitbee combines both analytics & conversion optimization in a single dashboard.

    Splitbee A/B Testing & Conversion Tracking

    splitbee a/b split testing tools

    Splitbee monitors every visitor that comes to your website and tells you where they come from and what they do.
    You can even use Splitbee to track specific actions of visitors and define different funnels to test different approaches to see what converts best. 
    Splitbee tracks and analyzes your website’s traffic and converts it into actionable insights that you can use to improve your website’s performance. It measures traffic coming from search engines, social media, and other sources. Splitbee.io will help you to optimize your conversion funnel and spot issues that are lowering your conversion rates.


    Splitbee Automations

    splitbee marketing automations

    Splitbee’s unique technology allows you to automate your business and take an active role in your customer’s journey.  For example, you can automatically trigger an automated welcome email when someone signs up for your free trial. Splitbee can automatically notify your support team when someone opens a support ticket or send telegram notifications to your team when a users converts. The possibilities are truely endless.

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