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July 25, 2020
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Energy+ is a customizable Wordpress Admin Dashboard Theme to help you Whitelabel & Improve the Apprearance of you Wordpress Dashboard. It not only gives you countless possibilities to customize the appearance of a Wordpress / WooCommerce store but also gives you the tools you need to give your Client a non Wordpress-ish User Experience.

    Whitelabel WordPress Admin Dashboard

    White-Labeling WordPress, you might ask?

    Yes. If you ever tried whitelabeling the WordPress backend, you might have been able to do it to a certain extent but not to the point where your client does not get some type of “Wordpress-ish” Experience. Changing Logos, tweaking colors, and minimizing the admin bloat for the client’s ease of use are pretty easy to implement. Completely revamping the user experience from the standard WordPress to a more modern look is not. Energy+ lets you change the Appearance of WordPress & WooCommerce in an eye-blink.

    Why Wordpress?

    WordPress is by far the most extensively used CMS for decades now. It holds 60,8% marketshare when it comes to Content Management Systems. Even with all the alternatives present in 2020, WordPress still holds an uncomfortable 34% marketshare of the all websites in the world according to It has always been like that, WordPress is completely open source and available for free. It not only gives you a fully featured Blogging platform but also offers an ridiculous amount of Free & Paid plugins both from WordPress & WooCommerce itself as well as a countless amount of third party plugins from developers from all over the world. Some of those can be downloaded from the WordPress plugin directory completely free of charge. Want to speed up your WordPress site? download a free caching plugin like autooptimze from the public wp repository. Looking to add a some javascript in the WordPress header? get code snippets. Want to add some extra fields to your custom post types? download advanced custom fields. The public WP Repository is full of useful plugins, extensions & tweaks to discover.

    I have “Cleaned” The WordPress / WooCommerce backend a couple times in the past to make it less confusing for my clients. But have you always wanted to completely upgrade the clients WordPress / WooCommerce backend experience? This is where Energy+ comes in really handy. Your client wont be able to identify WordPress at all.

    Why Energy+

    Energy+ is an E-Commerce focused WordPress Admin Panel and was released in the Envato store a while back and has been well maintained ever since.

    It gives you the option to completely shift the style of your WordPress Backend to ensure the best working experience For your client. It not only gives you the option to customize the admin area but also lets you create a customized login screen to ditch the old fashioned WordPress Login form.

    Energy+ also tweaks your backend by adding some functionalities that are otherwise not present in the WooCommerce backend. Want to change the logo globally? Make the Admin follow the clients Corporate Identity? That’s all a breeze with Energy+.

    What will also make you want to get Energy+ is that it’s license is not limited to a number of installs. You can freely use it on as many private & client projects.

    In short, Enegy+ does simplify and improve the WordPress Admin and WooCommerce experience.

    The full Features list

    • Global Search for orders, products, and customers
    • Energy+ Themes
    • Simple and effective Interface
    • Dashboard with live numbers
    • Desktop App Helper
    • Conversion rates
    • Advanced Energy+ Widgets
    • Custom WordPress Admin Login Screen



    The Desktop App Helper

    Energy+ does offer an incredibly unique set of tools and features. One of them is the option to create a completely independent electron app of your WordPress Website / WooCommerce store. The Desktop App works both with Windows and Mac.

    This gives you the option to offer your Clients a unique working experience with the platform you build for them. The App will definitely help you increase the average project value for you. Selling the client a separate app will make you earn even more.


    Other Alternatives

    Similar WordPress admin themes don’t exist, not at this level, at least. There are a few out there like Slate Admin, Ultimate Dashboard or Blue Admin but those are rather small visual tweaks than a full fledged premium Admin Theme like Energy+.

    A real world example

    Here you can see a prime example of what you can do with Energy+.

    On a client project that I worked on a while back, I made use of the complete toolset that Energy+ offers. I do think that this makes a significant difference on your client’s end. It is an effortless but vital step to make the whole experience more personalized and give you and your client a professional touch.


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