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The Swiss Knife for Oxygen Builder is an Oxygen plugin to improve your workflow and overall experience inside the Builder. It is a fairly new but appreciated piece of software commonly known for its UX Improvements. 
Advanced Scripts is a new plugin that makes it easy to manage external scripts in WordPress. It uses a built-in custom interface to manage all of your 3rd party scripts like Javascript, CSS, SCSS, and LESS languages.
Headlime is an GPT-3 Copywriter leveraging Artificial Intelligence to help you write effective, straight to the point Content with the help of OPEN-AI GPT3.
[FREEBIE] Picasso Design Set - Free Oxygen Builder WooCommerce Design Set made with SwiperJS, ACF Pro, Cartimize & Fluent Forms.
The Company That Changes the Appearance of Your Wordpress / WooCommerce Admin Dashboard! Check Energy+ & Whitelabel Wordpress Today!
Stack is an Internet browser that increases the efficiency of working with the web by allowing simultaneous use of multiple web-apps within a neatly organized working environment.
With Oxygen Builder for Wordpress you get a lightweight theming engine that provides high flexibility without compromising on code quality or design control.
Notion is an all in one tool for Notetaking, realtime collaboration & Productivity tool. The Figma of Notetaking.